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Variable Frequencies: A Sound Installation Investigating Process and Interaction

Angus Tarnawsky

Variable Frequencies is a sound installation that uses transmission to question expectations of causality and interactivity. I explore this from an aurally-informed perspective, paying close attention to the concept of affect as a relational force. My understanding of this approach and acknowledgement of its importance was nurtured through a series of experiments with portable radios. Through these experiences, I observed that both transmission and reception are often affected in ways that are non-linear and unpredictable. The artwork that emerged from this research, Variable Frequencies, uses the infrastructure of radio to facilitate engagement with sound and space. In this paper, I will outline the practical mechanics, theoretical framework, and socio-political rationale of Variable Frequencies, detailing how the project generates an experiential platform for investigating process and interaction.

Keywords: Affect, Installation Art, Noise, Radio, Sound Studies

Angus Tarnawsky is an Australian artist and musician. His work considers perceptions and perspectives of sound and space, existing in many hybrid forms across composition, performance, and installation. He is currently an MFA candidate in Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design at OCAD University in Toronto.