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Özlem Atar holds a BA (honours) and an MA in English Language Teaching. She is a doctoral student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. Her research interests include narratives on irregular migration, social surveillance of sexuality and its representations in the media, and the intersection between transnational writing and intercultural communication.

Sydney Hart is a cultural critic, artist and PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University. His current research projects investigate how logistical and extractivist media have evolved in postwar Canada. After undergraduate studies in Fine Art at Concordia University (Montréal), he studied art and art theory at University of the Arts London and Middlesex University (London, UK). He is based on unceded Coast Salish territories in Vancouver.

Marshall Hill is a PhD student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. His research focuses on literature and politics in the Americas focusing on work in Black and Indigenous studies that raises questions about the exhaustion of liberal humanism. He was born in Ontario and is a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames.

Anthony Lomax is a PhD Student in the Cultural Studies Program at Queen’s University. In my PhD work, I use the fields of ecofeminism, queer studies, sound studies, and ecomusicology to examine various ways in which people make music with plants. As a pianist and vocalist, my work also bridges written scholarship and research-creation.

Michelle MacQueen is a PhD student in the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Acadia University and a MA in Music and Culture at Carleton University. Her research focuses on stories and place, looking at the relationships between tourism and public policy, commemoration and remembrance, and how activism plays out in these relationships.

Sylvia Novak is a Toronto-based artist, activist and scholar. Working primarily in documentary media, she uses archives to explore radical histories. She is a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University and holds a BFA in Photography and an MFA in Documentary Media (both from Ryerson University).

Morgan Oddie is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. Her dissertation examines the dynamics of gendered bodies, pain, and power in consensual sadomasochistic (BDSM) women’s communities. Other academic interests include feminist horror films, sexuality and popular culture, and the ‘secularization’ of rituals.

Ky Pearce (pronouns: they/them) is a queer Mi’kmaq and settler poet, activist, and PhD student from Newfoundland, working out of the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s University in Katarokwi/Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Ky’s primary research interests revolve around rural-queer and Indigiqueer critiques of queer theory, queer studies, and queer media.

Michelle Smith is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. Her current research focuses on Canadian animation. Her larger research specialties are in the fields of Monster, East Asian, Film, Media, Visual and Material Studies.