CfP: Superheroes in Contemporary Media

In common superhero mythos, unearthly, other-than-human, or more-than-human figures use their many extraordinary abilities to restore order, do battle with evil, uphold justice, and protect the innocent. Acting as guardians, protectors and defenders of Earth and its people, these courageous figures have long captured both our attention and imagination. However, with the rise of several notable media franchises, superheroes have become a ubiquitous part of our present popular cultural moment.

In this premiere print and online edition of Panic at the Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal, the editors invite submissions on topics including, but not limited to:

  • How modes of representation (gender, race/ethnicity, religion, (dis)ability, sexual orientation…) have evolved in recent years in superhero genre
  • The superhero’s evolving relationship to the nation state as both defender and terrorist
  • How BIPOC authorship is influencing superhero narratives
  • How audiences for superheroes are being reimagined
  • How anti-heroes may function as the new heroes within superhero narratives/culture
  • How globalization is expanding the definition of superheroes outside of the DC/MCU
  • The posthuman superhero body and its relationship to human agency and identity
  • How digital platforms are expanding the superhero universe

Accepted submissions include: articles (max 5000 words) and reviews (max 750 words). Reviews should be on works from January 2017 onward. These works can be: Comics, Video Games, Artistic Work, Manga, Films, TV Series, Graphic Novels, Theatrical Performances, Fan/Slash Fiction, Academic Works, or Web Series.

*Email the publication or title if you have a work you are unsure about.

All submissions will undergo a review process by the publication editorial team. Works selected for publication will receive editorial queries for revision. Publication will be contingent on satisfactorily resolving all queries. Included images must be high resolution and have accessible descriptions. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain image permissions. Use Chicago style endnotes for any citations. Please include a brief author bio of no more than 50 words. Authors retain all rights to their work.

Send all submissions to panicatthediscourse@gmail.comwith the subject line “Submission: Article Title” by February 15, 2019.